• Where to Vote 

Falconbridge is in Precinct #53-2. Our location for voting is Waypoint Church at 6804 Farrington Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27517. For more information, contact Durham County Board of Elections, 201 N. Roxboro St., Durham, NC 27701, 919-560-0700, dcvotes.com

• Mail

 Falconbridge has cluster mailboxes. Your individual bin has a unique key. There are larger bins for parcels. If you receive mail that won’t fit into your individual bin, it is put into one of the larger bins and the key to that bin is placed in your mailbox. We are designated a rural delivery route and mail is delivered by USPS carriers from Chapel Hill.

• Falconbridge Listserv

Our free neighborhood Listerv (not to be confused with any of the Nextdoor listservs) is a service supported by the Alliance. It serves as an online bulletin board for the community. You must live in the neighborhood to belong and must provide your name and address when you join. To find out how to join, click here.

• Vendor Resource List

A neighborhood volunteer has compiled a list of vendors recommended by Falconbridge residents. Click here to access list.

• Power Easements

The property where these utilities are located is owned by individual homeowners or by the FHA, and the utility company just has an easement to put the lines there. Walking through this area is like taking a shortcut through some stranger’s back yard. Utility easements are not public land. Neighbors will appreciate your cooperation.