Short answer is that the townhomes and single-family homes were treated differently by the original developer in the 1980s, which means we need more organizations to unify our community so we can all enjoy what we have to offer. Click here to learn more about the organizations and the history of Falconbridge.

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There are a wide variety of social groups active in Falconbridge. Some are open to everyone. Examples are the July Fourth Parade and Potluck, or the Luminary Potluck. Some are open only to members of a specific organization. For example, if you want to attend activities sponsored by the FHA’s Recreational Facilities Committee, you need be an RFC Full Access or Limited Access Member ( If you want to attend Alliance-sponsored events, you need to join the Alliance. Some activities have additional fees to support their events, such as pickleball or exercise classes. Check out the current newsletter for upcoming events. It is sent to all neighbors via email. And click here for more info.

A group of residents created an organization called FRIENDS in 2011 to help neighbors in need and to support “aging in place” within Falconbridge. Click here to learn more. There is also a resource list of providers of various services, recommended by neighbors.

The Clubhouse and Pool are managed by the FHA’s Recreation Facilities Committee. The Clubhouse is used for activities by the FHA and the Falconbridge Alliance. It can also be rented for private events. Click here for the Clubhouse calendar ( and rental information ( The Pool is available to Falconbridge residents and their guests. Joining and fee information is here (

The Traveling Pub is one of the oldest groups in Falconbridge. Neighbors get together every other Friday evening from 5:30 – 7:30. Different residents host the pub in their homes. Host provide glassware and light snacks. Guests bring their own beverages. This is a purely social event and a great way to meet your neighbors and keep up with events. Come for the whole time, or just drop in for a visit. Click on this link to learn more.

Click here to join the Falconbridge listserv

The Falconbridge Alliance has nothing to do with pickleball. To play pickleball on the Falconbridge courts, first join the Recreation Facilities Committee’s full access or limited access membership ( Single-family homeowners must pay to join. Townhome owners pay as part of their monthly dues assessment and just need to sign up. Then contact the Pickleball Club to pay their court fee and sign up to play (

Join the Falconbridge Alliance and you will automatically receive a directory. They are not for sale.

These services are provided by the City/County of Durham. Durham One Call (919-560-1200) connects you with all Durham-related information. Or go online to

You cannot put leaf piles at the curb to be vacuumed up in Durham. If you do not compost your fall leaves, you must sign up for Yard Waste collection (  and follow the instructions on the website.

The pond is owned and managed by the FHA (townhome HOA). There is a path around the pond that walkers may enjoy. Do not ride bikes on the path. Please respect the plant buffer and fencing installed to discourage geese from settling here permanently. Do not run, bike or sled on the hill created by the dam. It is fragile and protects houses from damage from the pond.

Anyone can buy the lock and key set from Home Depot for about $10 and replace it themselves.

Alliance members can get a free lock and key replacement as a member benefit. Click here for more information.

Falconbridge is adjacent to nearby wetlands that are open to public hunting. Hunting is not permitted within 150 yards of any residence. Hunting with firearms is prohibited on public lands on Sundays. Seasons vary by species, but hunting is most active in fall and winter. For more information go to